The NFL executive team will have to receive harsh punishment after the New York Jets player’s violent foul incident.

  • NFL officiating crew faces severe punishment for poor performance, including missed pass interference penalty in Chiefs vs. Packers game.
  • Crew appointed to officiate Jets vs. Texans game under close scrutiny, with league and others keeping a close eye on their decisions.
  • Officiating crew causes controversy in Jets vs. Texans game by missing obvious roughing the passer penalty, resulting in injured quarterback. Calls for swift and stringent actions to address poor performance.

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An NFL officiating crew is facing the need for severe punishment due to their poor performance on Sunday. The crew was responsible for making several questionable calls during last week’s Chiefs vs. Packers game, one of which included a missed pass interference penalty in the critical moments of the fourth quarter. Unfortunately, this crew was also appointed to officiate the Jets vs. Texans game on Sunday afternoon, where they were closely watched by the league, as reported by ESPN’s Adam Schefter. He mentioned that many, including the NFL itself, would be keeping a close eye on Allen’s crew to see if they would make any more contentious decisions that would anger the teams involved, just as they had in the past two weeks.

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Despite the heightened scrutiny, the officiating crew did not manage to get through the Jets vs. Texans game without causing controversy. Astonishingly, they completely missed an obvious roughing the passer penalty on Texans quarterback C.J. Stroud. This late hit resulted in Stroud being injured, but the officials failed to make the appropriate call. As a consequence, Stroud had to be ruled out of the game due to a potential concussion that needed evaluation.

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Given the magnitude of these mistakes made by the officiating crew, it is becoming increasingly evident that the NFL cannot afford to keep allowing them to make errors in such crucial games. It is essential that swift and stringent actions are taken to address their poor performance and prevent any further detrimental impact on the integrity and fairness of the game.

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