Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce visit Patrick, Brittany Mahomes at their palatial Kansas City mansion: report

According to the Daily Mail, the pop star and the Kansas City Chiefs tight end — who went public with their romance in September — arrived separately Tuesday morning.

Swift was reportedly driven to the property accompanied by security detail, while Kelce pulled up a short time after in his Rolls-Royce Ghost.

The outlet reports that the new lovebirds spent several hours with the Chiefs quarterback and his wife at their $8 million Cass County estate, which features a full-length football field in the backyard.

After the visit, Swift, 33, reportedly returned to Kelce’s $6 million home, which is approximately 15 minutes away, while the NFL star went to his former abode in the Briarcliff West neighborhood.

Brittany Mahomes and Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce visited Brittany and Patrick Mahomes at the latter’s Kansas City mansion. Getty Images
Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes
Kelce and Swift reportedly arrived separately, spent several hours with their friends and left separately. USA TODAY Sports

Kelce, 34, bought the new pad last month in a desperate bid for more privacy surrounding his high-profile relationship.

It’s unclear whether “Traylor” was present to celebrate Patrick and Brittany’s son Bronze’s 1st birthday, but the darling duo threw him a lavish, at-home party on Monday.

“Happy Birthday Son! ️⏰,” Patrick, 28, captioned an Instagram carousel from the football-themed festivities, as Brittany, also 28, captioned her post, “My baby boy is ONE🤍.”

Patrick Mahomes with his son
The married couple celebrated their son Bronze’s 1st birthday on Monday. Brittany Mahomes /Instagram
Bronze Mahomes' 1st birthday party
It’s unclear whether “Traylor” attended the party.

They are also parents to 2-year-old daughter Sterling.

Swift — who has befriended Brittany amid the former’s budding fling with Kelce — is reportedly hunkering down with the athlete now that she’s done with the 2023 leg of her Eras Tour.

The Daily Mail recently reported that the pair will be shacking up together for some time before the Grammy winner returns to life on the road in February.

Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes
Swift has befriended her boyfriend’s teammate’s wife amid the former’s budding romance with Kelce. Getty Images

“Taylor’s still smitten with Travis,” a source told the outlet earlier this week. “But she realizes that the hard work in their relationship is about to start as they will be spending weeks at a time together.”

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