Remarkable Comeback: Cowboys’ Head Coach Mike McCarthy Resumes Practice Less Than 48 Hours After Appendectomy

Mike McCarthy returned to Arlington two days after the removal of his appendix. Just as defensive coordinator Dan Quinn prophesied, McCarthy will be on the sidelines when the Dallas Cowboys take on the Philadelphia Eagles.

According to sources, the 60-year-old’s return was quite the spectacle. On Friday, he rejoined the Cowboys’ practice with the motivating music of 50 Cent in the background. Running back, Tony Pollard said it was a cool entry.


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[embedded content]When asked how he felt post-surgery, McCarthy revealed,

The Cowboys head coach recited a short recount of what transpired earlier this week. He showed up to practice this Wednesday feeling a virus in his stomach. McCarthy went to the nearby hospital with athletic trainer Jim Maurer, where he was diagnosed with appendicitis.

Later that evening, he underwent surgery. Shortly after, he was in contact with his coaching staff and quarterback, Dak Prescott. On Thursday, he even had a virtual meeting with staff and players. The next day, he was out of the hospital and back to business as usual.

Once I was released from the hospital, I've been totally engaged in the game plan.
Mike McCarthy told USA Today

The Dallas Cowboys have one of the better starts to a season in recent memory. They currently have nine wins from 12 games and are poised to face NFC East rivals the Philadelphia Eagles, whom they narrowly lost early on in the season.

Cowboys’ HC Mike McCarthy returns to practice after less than 48 hours of appendectomy, expected for the Eagles clash
Cowboys’ HC Mike McCarthy returns to practice after less than 48 hours of appendectomy, expected for the Eagles clash
Mike McCarthy (Image via

As the season kicks into the business part of the year, the Cowboys have one of the toughest schedules remaining. They will face four teams with a.500 record or higher. And for their head coach to be the center of attention amidst all the tension may affect the players’ focus. That’s primarily the reason Mike McCarthy decided against a lengthy rehab period.

This is a players' game. I'm the last guy that wants to take any attention off the players, and I've built my program around that premise. That's why it's imperative for me to get back in here and get going.


We’re just glad he’s healthy, at the end of the day, but this week has enough motivation and things entailed within. when he tells us to take care of the things away from here so that when we come in we can all focus on the same goal. Everybody understands what this week means.
Prescott as per Dallas

AT&T Stadium is the venue for Sunday night’s blockbuster matchup. The game will be in the Cowboys’ favor considering they won their last 14 games in Dallas.


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