Patrick and Brittany Mahomes Kick Off the Holiday Season in New Skims Campaign

Mahomes Family for Skims 437
Courtesy of SKIMS

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas — thanks to Patrick and Brittany Mahomes.

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback and his wife, both 28, were tapped by Kim Kardashian to star in a new Skims holiday campaign, which debuted on Thursday, November 9. The couple was joined by their 2-year-old daughter, Sterling, and 11-month-old son, Bronze, as they modeled pajamas, knitwear and more.

Patrick & Brittany Mahomes Kick Off SKIMS Christmas Campaign

In one shot, the family of four flashed wide smiles while donning red flannel lounge sets. Little Sterling was captured posing upside down on her dad’s lap as Brittany hoisted Bronze in the air. In a different snap, Sterling and Bronze shared a sweet embrace as Brittany and Patrick beamed behind them. The couple then kissed their little ones in an additional photo.

In other images, Patrick and Brittany posed without their kids, cuddling up to each other under a blanket.

The couple opened up about shooting the Skims campaign in a press release, with Brittany gushing, “We loved shooting for Skims as a family and had the best time on set. The matching sets and prints are so adorable and cozy. Skims will be a staple for our entire family for the holidays and behind.”

Mahomes Family for Skims 446
Courtesy of SKIMS

Patrick added, “This is our first campaign as a family, and shooting Skims all together was an awesome moment. I’m all about comfort, and these sets will be my go-to at home all season.”

Patrick and Brittany tied the knot in March 2022 after a decade together. The lovebirds met in high school in East Texas when Patrick was a sophomore and Brittany was a junior.

Brittany consistently shares sweet family moments with fans via Instagram that show her and her kids cheering for Patrick at his games. When she’s not supporting her man, Brittany can be found out and about with Taylor Swift.

Mahomes Family for Skims 439 442
Courtesy of SKIMS

The duo became fast friends after Swift, 33, sparked a romance with Patrick’s Chiefs teammate Travis Kelce in September. On Tuesday, November 7, Brittany posted snaps of herself, Swift and pals Lyndsay Bell (who is married to Chiefs tight end Blake Bell) and Paige Buechele (who is married to Buffalo Bills star Shane Buechele) toasting with glasses of champagne while in New York City. The women reportedly got together to watch the Chiefs play the Miami Dolphins at Swift’s NYC apartment on Sunday, November 4.

Swift has also welcomed Brittany into her inner circle. Earlier on Sunday, Brittany and Swift were seen with Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez, Cara Delevingne and Sophie Turner.

A source exclusively told Us Weekly that Brittany wants to help Turner, 27 — who is divorcing husband Joe Jonas — get back on the dating scene. “Brittany knows Sophie is newly single and has hung [out] with her before when Sophie attended one of the [Chiefs] games,” the source said. “She would love to help play matchmaker.”

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