Eagles’ Jason Surprises Travis Kelce with Rolex Engraved with Underdog Mask

Just when you thought this underdog couldn’t top himself, Jason Kelce might be immortalized as the greatest legend in Philadelphia Eagles history.
Travis Kelce Sings 'Fairytale of Philadelphia' With JasonLegendary St. Joseph’s Star Jameer Nelson Overcomes Fear, Earns Degree

During a recent appearance on “Desus & Mero” on Viceland, Jason’s brother Travis told the hosts that Jason got a Rolex with an engraved underdog mask.

Jason Kelce - Wikipedia

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“He got the mask engraved in the rollie,” Travis said. “The thing is my brother…he’s like a caveman. So for him to come out of nowhere with a Rollie, I was just like, ‘What?'”

Eagles C Jason Kelce Talks Super Bowl Loss, Retirement & More with Rich  Eisen | Full Interview - YouTube

If the Eagles repeat as champions, Kelce may think to add another one to his watch collection.

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