Dallas Cowboys Coach Mike McCarthy Undergoes Emergency Surgery

Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy had emergency surgery on Wednesday.

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McCarthy had his appendix removed after being diagnosed with acute appendicitis.

The Dallas Cowboys say that McCarthy had abdominal pain on Wednesday morning and was checked out by the Cowboys medical people.


The Cowboys coach had surgery to remove his appendix this afternoon and is expected to be released later today.

The team says that McCarthy, 60, anticipates being on the sidelines on Sunday night when the Dallas Cowboys take on the division rival Philadelphia Eagles.

Dallas Cowboys coordinators Dan Quinn and Brian Schottenheimer will run practice until the head coach is able to return.

Quinn spoke to reporters on Wednesday at The Star and said McCarthy didn’t look good early in the day.

“Do you think that tough Irishman is going to miss this game?” Quinn said. “Knowing him he’ll be online tonight wanting to go through the redzone and third down and everything else. We certainly expect him to be rocking by game day.”

Mike McCarthy, the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, had to deal with a health this week. The Cowboys announced on Wednesday that McCarthy underwent surgery after being diagnosed with an acute case of appendicitis. He experienced abdominal pain and was hospitalized on Wednesday morning. According to multiple reports, the surgery was a success, and McCarthy is expected to be on the sidelines when the team Cowboys take on the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday.

“You really think that tough Irishman is going to miss this game?” defensive coordinator Dan Quinn said Wednesday, per ESPN. “We’re certainly anticipating Mike being back for the game. We’ll hold it down for practices. Knowing him, he’ll be online tonight wanting to go through red zone and third down and everything else. We expect him to be rocking by game day.”

What Constitutes Emergency Surgery

While McCarthy is recovering, Quinn and fellow coordinators Brian Schottenheimer and John Fassel will run practice. The procedure comes as the Cowboys are playing their best football, winning five of their last six games. Their last loss came on Nov. 5 when they fell to the Eagles 28-23 in Philadelphia.

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“What’s good about Mike and the system here is it’s all laid out about how we go and what we would do from yesterday, today, all the way through the game and the meetings and schedules,” Quinn said. “So pretty easy in that one. You just take it and run with it. Between myself and Brian and Bones, we’ve got it covered and we’re ready to go today, expect a great practice just like it’s been set up to do. We’re ready to go do that.”

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