Chiefs: Taylor Swift’s Beer-Chugging Moment Goes Viral on Super Bowl 58’s Big Screen

Chiefs: Taylor Swift goes viral for chugging beer on big screen at Super Bowl 58

Pop star Taylor Swift and KC Chiefs' Travis Kelce. Please photoshop a beer helmet on Swift too please.


Mega pop stars such as Taylor Swift: they’re just like us! Kinda.

Naturally, she was ready to unwind once she was at the game.

When cameras caught Swift, along with fellow celebrities Blake Lively and Ice Spice, watching the game from her luxury box, she grabbed a beer and immediately chugged it. Whatever jet lag she was experiencing was no match for her enthusiasm for watching the big game.

Swift determined to make Super Bowl 58

Swift being in Allegiant Stadium was not a given, considering all the logistics involved. Swift had to race from Tokyo, where she played her final show of the Eras Tour in Japan on Saturday night.

Cameras Caught Taylor Swift Chugging Beer During Super Bowl 2024 - | Expert Predictions, Picks, and Previews

The singer actually flew into Los Angeles, likely due to the lack of available parking spots for private jets at local Vegas airports.

But Swift has been a constant presence at Chiefs games since she began dating Kelce. The singer has endeared herself to Chiefs Kingdom as a dedicated fan, happy to engage in team rituals and decking herself out in Chiefs gear for game days.

Taylor Swift Caught Chugging A Beer On The Super Bowl Jumbotron

After a hard night full of work and a time-consuming journey, Swift was likely ready to do nothing but kick back and relax. What better way to do that than with a cold beer?

Taylor Swift chugs drink on Jumbotron at Super Bowl 2024

Who is watching the Super Bowl in Taylor Swift's suite? | Kansas City Star

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