Brittany Mahomes, Sterling, and Bronze Join Patrick’s Celebratory Moment at Allegiant Stadium

Brittany Mahomes, Sterling and Bronze invade the Allegiant Stadium field to congratulate Patrick

The Mahomes family was an integral part of the celebrations for the Chiefs’ two-time championship.

Brittany, Sterling, and Bronze on the field at Allegiant Stadium...

Brittany, Sterling, and Bronze on the field at Allegiant Stadium before kickoff.Instagram, Brittany Mahomes.

inning a Super Bowl is one of the most intense emotions that can be experienced, and when it is in a game as close as the Chiefs’ 25-22 victory over the 49ers, passions overflow. This was demonstrated by quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany just after the final whistle.

The Super Bowl LVIII, played at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, was only the second in history to be decided in overtime. San Francisco even took the lead in overtime, 22-19, with a field goal by Jake Moody.

Brittany Mahomes Brings Son Bronze, 9 Months, to Meet Patrick on the Field for the First Time: 'Dubs for Dad'

However, that was not enough. On the next play, Mahomes led Kansas City from side to side of the field, connecting a three-yard pass with Mecole Hardman, which made it 25-22, giving the Chiefs the title.

After the final whistle, family and friends of the players invaded the playing field to celebrate the two-time championship, among them Brittany and Mahomes’ two children, Sterling and Bronze.

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The Mahomes celebration

Brittany and the little ones were cheering Patrick on from the Allegiant Stadium boxes the entire time. Although one-year-old Bronze snoozed during part of the match, when it was time to celebrate, he was already more than awake and attentive to all the action.

As soon as the Chiefs’ triumph was declared, Brittany ran to hug her husband, who received her with open arms. She carried her children and covered them with kisses amid the uproar that flooded the field.

The entire family also had the opportunity to go up to the podium, where Commissioner Roger Goodell presented the Vince Lombardi Trophy to the team. From the back, Brittany, Sterling, and Bronze looked proudly at Mahomes.

The celebrations will continue for several hours outside the stadium, and, in a few days, we will surely see the Mahomes family reunited during the champions’ parade, receiving the admiration of Kansas City.

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