Embarking on a journey to an ancient civilization, the Wonder of the Canyon unveils the remnants of a city inhabited by giants.

The marvelous Amazonian jungle has concealed passages of legends about ancient giants who lived here before humanity existed.

Thanks to these legacies, combined with an ancient map of a mysterious structure, in 2012, a group of explorers journeyed to the remote Amazonian jungle in search of the ‘lost city of giants.’


The ancient stones guard their mystery.

A small tribe pushed them to the bottom of a river. Later, the stones were scattered in the forest and the river like artifacts.

However, these artificial stones do not belong to any known civilization on Earth.

No archaeologist can say who built these rock structures and when.

The question that intrigues archaeologists is how many centuries these sites have existed.

Many investigators ventured into the Amazon in search of lost cities and treasures, but they only found strange things in the jungle.


In 2012, a group of researchers embarked on a journey beyond the Amazon in search of ancient cities accepted by legend. Official tribes in these places.

Explorers of the past

Locals consider the area as a sacred place and overlook the significance of archaeological sites opened by giants who built ancient cities with stones.

The critic Bruce Fenton said that not only that, but the researchers also discovered a large pyramid with an 80 m² base and 80 m in height.

The pyramid was built with long stones that sank 2 tons each. On top of the platform, there are dozens of artifacts.


It’s like a wall, an artifact, or a sculpture formed by a pair of overlapping rocks that measure about a 60-degree angle, resembling the base of a long pyramid. Many of the large rocks are perfectly aligned, as if they had been built by human hands,” said the explorer Duverney, who arrived here from April to May 2013.

The Ministry of Culture of Ecuador sent an expedition to search for other two-color block tools similar to building these megaliths, if not accused of them, giants. Undoubtedly scattered throughout the area, the expedition also found some artifacts laboriously “oversized” by giant tools.

How the ancients, with their rudimentary tools, brought such stone blocks to build these megalithic structures, if not for their large size, is a mystery. Additionally, scattered around the area, the expedition also found some artifacts “oversized” by giant tools.

Giant Skeleton Discovered

In 1964, Priest Carlos Miguel Vaca found a giant skeleton up to 7 meters long in a deposit in Ecuador. Subsequently, the skeleton was exhibited at the Father Vaca Museum, along with various other artifacts discovered in the area. After his death, this museum was closed, and the other skeleton was lost.

However, based on the original skeleton, the Jungfrau Park in Switzerland has created a replica built in metal of the original skeleton.

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