The unidentified item discovered on the shores of Green Head beach in Western Australia

Space agency say that the object found in Western Australia could be from a ‘foreign space launch vehicle’


The mystery object found on Green Head beach on Western Australia

A mysterious cylinder has washed up on an Australian beach, leaving local residents and police baffled as to its origins.

The unidentified giant gold-coloured metal object was discovered by residents at Green Head beach, about 250 kilometres (155 miles) north of Perth, in Western Australia.

It is reported to be about 2.5 metres wide and between 2.5m and 3m long.


Police in Western Australia said that an analysis by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services and the Chemistry Centre of Western Australia had deemed the object was safe and posed no risk to the local community, according to reports. Authorities asked the public to keep away from the cylinder while efforts to formally identify it continued.

The item did not appear to have come from a commercial aircraft, they said.

The Australian Space Agency said the cylinder could be from a “foreign space launch vehicle”, adding it was liaising with global counterparts.

“We are currently making enquiries related to this object located on a beach near Jurien Bay in Western Australia,” the organisation said.

Fuel tank from rocket


Geoffrey Thomas, an aviation expert, told the BBC the object could be a fuel tank from a rocket that had fallen into the Indian Ocean at some stage in the last year.

Local residents reportedly first spotted the object over the weekend.

About 30 people went to the beach to take a closer look, Garth Griffiths, a Green Head resident, told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.


“A local lady and her partner discovered it just floating on the edge of the water and dragged it out with their four-wheel drive,” Mr Griffiths said.

“It was a great social evening. It was a lovely, still night, the kids were digging sand castles around it,” he added.

Mr Griffiths described the object as a semi-cylindrical object made of light carbon fibre material like “lightweight resin”.

Police said they would maintain security of the object until it was removed.

“This measure has been taken to ensure the preservation of potential evidence and facilitate further expert examination,” a spokesman for Western Australian Police Force said.

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