(Video) “The Inspiring Story of a Single Dad Raising Triplets on His Own”

Life will never be easy on this planet, but we’re here to survive and keep fighting.

We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong.

This man is going through ahead of her life as his, both the mother and father of these children.


Since the deadly striplets were born, they never got a chance to at least spend more days with their mother.

He has no one to help him here, as he has to do everything here alone, as most of his children are young, plus these triplets.

That needs maximum care and attention.

He fears that this old house, which is not even theirs, will fall someday, and he does not want to imagine what might happen next.

But why is this father raising these children alone?

And since he has to always be here, how do they survive?

And who provides for them?


Even though the weather is not friendly and it’s raining heavily?

We’re taking a long journey, as nothing would stop us from reaching our people.

But in the middle of our journey, the motorcycle went out of cars, but thank God we phoned away and then continued our journey and finally reached there.

George is the father to these children.

He lived a normal life with the wife and two children until when these triplets were born four months ago.

He says their mother produced them via c-section or caesarean delivery, and that’s how this.

Triplets were born.

He’s just thankful that they were all born normal, without any health issue.

But the mother who produced them mysteriously suffered from the backbone that from that day she has never returned, as she cannot do anything apart from screaming, and she remained at the hospital where doctors are trying to help her come back to normal.

But it seems like it will take too long.


Now the father is the one who is supposed to act, as both the father and mother.

This means he has to do everything, whether taking care of them, feeding and providing at the same time, which is different, as it cannot leave them alone and go far away.

Even when he goes outside for some activities nearer, they all cry, and their two-year-old, who is supposed to be helping the dad, is too young to calm them.

If the dad delays, he can also join and cry as well, and the best thing he can do is going outside and screaming out, calling the father to come quickly and take care of the three babies.

It’s a difficult task for him to take care of these children alone and at the same time afford the wife’s treatment, who is lying at the hospital.

He says words can explain what he’s going through, but he’s more worried of these young babies lives, since they’re too young to live in such an house and in such conditions, where wind enters anyhow and rain also enters, even if it’s night time.

He cannot easily rest due to this house.


In the house he tried covering some, but the house needs more than that.

The house is not even his.

To make matters worse, he’s lucky that the owner lent it to him for a short period and despite the house not having all necessities for a house to be a home anytime, the owner can come and chase them away.

If he had money he would be building a good house here.

But since he does not work, there is no way he can get that money.

And even if he worked, it would take years and years for him to get money that can build a house.


He’s going through a load that sometimes he asked.

God why let him suffer to that extent, plus being abandoned by friends and families.

He had many people who acted as his friends before life went this bad, but when he needed them the most there was no one, not even a single soul, to help him, and that’s when he realized that not all people who tell us that our friends are really our friends, since they cannot lend a helping hand in such difficult conditions, he’s not assigned to taking care of everything.

That means he has to wake up in the morning, wash and clean these babies, then give them porridge and start washing the cloth.

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