Unbelievable Surprise: Mother Gives Birth to Triplets Without Knowing She’s Pregnant!

In a surprising turn of events during the 2022s, Bethany Smith, a resident of Burton, Staffordshire, gave birth to triplets without being aware of her pregnancy. The unexpected arrival included two girls and a boy, Rjan and Kiren, born on April 4 at 31 weeks gestation.

Bethany, a 26-year-old student teacher and part-time hairdresser, and her partner Kay Singh, 38, were taken aback as they hadn’t planned for additional children. Bethany had an intrauterine device (I.U.D), a small T-shaped contraceptive device releasing copper into the womb to prevent pregnancy. The couple, with no familial history of multiple births, was surprised to learn about the impending arrival of triplets.

The premature triplets were born at the Royal Derby Hospital, immediately placed on ventilators due to weak lungs. Unfortunately, COVID-19 restrictions prevented the couple from seeing their newborns for several days. Arjan weighed 3lbs 5oz, Keren 3lbs 4oz, and Kerit 3lbs 9oz.

Bethany shared the challenges they faced, stating, “It was really horrific. I couldn’t see the girls for two days because they were on ventilators. Only one parent could visit once a day, and we had to wear masks, gowns, and gloves. It was so surreal and unbelievable.”

At 26 weeks, Bethany experienced a scare, going into labor, but medical intervention successfully halted the process. After spending three weeks in the hospital, the triplets were finally allowed to go home. Kay described the birth experience as ‘heartbreaking,’ emphasizing the difficulty of not being able to kiss the newborns and the added stress of the pandemic.

Despite the challenges, Kay expressed gratitude, considering the triplets ‘absolute miracles,’ especially given the initial health struggles. The triplets are currently making significant progress.

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