“Miracle in Dhaka: Newborn with Two Heads Captivates Medical Community”

A newborn with two fully developed heads, eating with two mouths and breathing with two noses, is currently under medical care in a Bangladesh hospital, according to both medical officials and the infant’s father. The baby, born late Wednesday, is now being treated for breathing difficulties in the intensive care unit of the country’s largest hospital in Dhaka.


“When I saw my baby, I was awestruck. She has two fully developed heads. She is eating with two mouths and breathing with two noses,” said the father, Jamal Mia. “Still, I thank Allah that she and the mother are now okay.”

Last year, conjoined twins were born with one body and two heads in India. Unfortunately, they later succumbed after a remarkable 20-day battle for survival.

Abu Kawsar, the owner of the Standard Hospital of Total Healthcare where the baby was born via Cesarean section, mentioned that initial tests indicated she only has one set of vital organs. “Except for having two heads, the newborn has the rest of her organs and limbs like a normal baby,” Kawsar explained.


Thousands of people flocked to the hospital in Brahmanbaria, where the baby was born, approximately 120 kilometers east of Dhaka, after news spread of the “miracle newborn.”

“The entire town poured into the clinic. There were thousands of people, with some of them coming from nearby villages,” he said. “It’s good that the baby has been shifted to Dhaka. Otherwise, it would have been difficult for us to control the crowd.”

The father, Mia, a poor farm laborer, expressed concerns about how he would manage to care for the baby if additional expenses were needed. “I feel sad for her. She has been born to a poor man. I don’t have money to even properly treat her mother,” he said.

It’s worth noting that in 2008, another baby was born in Bangladesh with two heads but sadly passed away later.



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