Travis Kelce: Buffalo Bills Quarterback Josh Allen Taunting Penalty is ‘Wack’

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is upset that Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen was flagged for a taunting penalty on Sunday.

Travis Kelce Responds to Josh Allen's Taunting Penalty: '(Bleeping) Wack!'

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen was penalized for taunting during Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals after he pointed at Bengals safety Nick Scott while springing towards the end zone in the first quarter.

The penalty drew strong reactions from spectators, who have become increasingly more frustrated with the NFL’s officiating after a seemingly never-ending stream of questionable calls. On the most recent episode of the “New Heights” podcast with the Kelce brothers (Travis and Jason), Travis, star tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, mentioned his concern with the officials’ call.

Josh Allen

“My guy Josh Allen with this taunting penalty,” Kelce said. “You can’t point at a guy? In the first quarter of the Bills-Bengals game, Josh Allen pump-fakes a guy then points at him and laughs. Got a taunting penalty for pointing at him because you can’t point at a guy. Call him anything you want but can’t point at him. This is so f*cking wack.”

Kelce made it very clear that he is on Allen’s side. He wants players to play and thinks that the referees inserting themselves unnecessarily is a waste of time.

Travis Kelce Calls Josh Allen Taunting Penalty 'Wack' | Yardbarker

“One of the weakest taunting calls you’ve ever seen? Probably,” Kelce said on an episode of the New Heights podcast. “I’m not sure if I’ve seen too many of them… I think it’s bogus. I’m on Josh’s team on this. This is bull****.”

Considering that there have been worse interactions between players during the season, the call on Allen seems a bit picky.

Allen will most likely receive a fine from the call, so he will need to watch his celebrations going forward.

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