Rising Star: Chiefs’ WR Rashee Rice Earns Impressive Fourth Place Among NFL Rookies, Praises from PFF

Rookie receiver Rashee Rice has been a revelation for the Kansas City Chiefs offense in 2023, and his stellar play certainly seems to have caught the attention of the experts at Pro Football Focus, who have him graded as the NFL’s fourth-best rookie through nine weeks.

His 79.4 grade also leads all Chiefs receivers and is a testament to his upside as a top option for Kansas City in the passing game.

Rice managed to score a touchdown during the Chiefs’ Week 9 win against the Miami Dolphins in Frankfurt, Germany and should factor into Kansas City’s game plan when the team takes on the Philadelphia Eagles after its bye week.

Chiefs WR Rashee Rice represents team at NFLPA Rookie Premiere

Expect Rice to continue putting together stellar performances with regularity as he looks to cement his role in Andy Reid’s offense. If he can build on what he has already accomplished early in his rookie season, Rice may gain traction as the Chiefs’ top option at receiver next season.

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