Detailed View of an Ancient ‘Alien Mummy’ in Mexico, Dating Back a Thousand Years

In recent days, the world has continuously shared images of two mummies believed to be of aliens, which is currently a controversial topic.

Mexican journalist Jaime Maussan, a longtime UFO enthusiast, believes these alien-like shapes are one of the most important discoveries in human history.

However, for many scientists, this is just a hoax that has been exposed.

Mr. Maussan attracted international attention immediately after standing in front of the Mexican parliament to introduce two strange figures.

Here, he shares scientific analysis and research results, which he says prove that these mummies are about 1,000 years old and are not related to any known creatures on Earth. .

Mr. Maussan said two mummies were found in 2017 in Peru. He said:

“This is the most important thing that’s ever happened in human history, because it’s an opportunity for us to evolve, to develop, for us to maybe begin to communicate with other civilizations. I believes that this phenomenon is the only opportunity for us to unite.”

However, at the same time as this journalist’s rapid fame, the scientific community also reacted violently. Many scientists and archaeologists in Peru consider these bodies a “farce”.

Reuters reporter Cassandra Garrison said after a conversation with Mr. Maussan about this research: “He shared with me the scientific analysis and research data that he presented over the past week, but that’s really it.” The chemical analysis was done on another remains that is still in Peru. And the two remains that were announced in Mexico have not yet been subjected to scientific analysis, because he said he was afraid of damaging the specimen. I think that can change. change the topic of discussion. However, we asked scientists to independently review the results, and they concluded that the evidence does not show anything out of the ordinary, but certainly show signs of normal life on Earth.”

However, Mr. Maussan is no stranger to scandals. He participated in a 2017 documentary about mummies that was later discovered to be fake.

As for how these two bodies could have been transferred from Peru to Mexico, Mr. Maussan refused to answer.

According to Mr. Maussan, someone brought these remains back to the country and Mr. Maussan then asked permission to present them to the Mexican parliament.

However, this move angered Peruvian officials, who requested a criminal investigation of the Mexican journalist. Mr. Maussan said he did nothing illegal and welcomed the Peruvian government to investigate specific data.

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